Bildväv av Ragnhild Monsen

Ragnhild Monsen


Ragnhild Monsen first set up her design studios in Dalsland in 1988. Here she designs her tapestries which are then hand woven in her studios in Oslo.

She has been active with her art for 50+ years and has exhibited in 11 countries, including by invitation in Canada and Japan. She will be exhibiting in Paris later this year.

Her works are mostly commissioned for public buildings including large corporations,Kommunes,Hospitals,Schools,Military bases and even on an oil rig.

The essence of her work is to translate what Carl Jung called ‘the archetypes of the subconscious’ and whether the work is inspired by nature or some other basis there are always symbolisms and rhythms that speak to a person’s deeper emotions.

Colour,form,texture all combine in this ancient scandinavian art form to produce artworks that are simply unique.

Vernissage lördag 25 mars klockan 11:00.